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  • Group logo of Science Fictional
    active 3 days, 3 hours ago

    Do you like spaceships? Aliens? Quantum fluctuations? For fans of science fiction in any sort of media.

    Public Group / 207 members
  • Group logo of Webcomic Geeks
    active 3 days, 3 hours ago

    For anyone who reads online comics :)
    ie; A Softer World, Freakangels, Questionable Content, Surviving the World, Niels, XKCD, Penny Arcade

    Public Group / 152 members
  • Group logo of Comics, Anyone?
    active 3 days, 3 hours ago

    For discussing words, pictures, science, magic, and people (who may or may not be spandex-clad and/or ridiculously attractive).

    Public Group / 176 members
  • Group logo of Gold Star Lesbians
    active 3 days, 3 hours ago

    We have vaginas and we’ve never had sex with a man. Why do we get a gold star? Because sometimes it’s about what you didn’t accomplish!

    Public Group / 73 members
  • Group logo of Nerd-Straddlers
    active 3 days, 3 hours ago

    Because engineers, scientists, mathematicians, and computer geeks still get some. So hook your suspenders to your fancypants, and let’s have some nerdgasms.

    Public Group / 377 members
  • Group logo of group for riese to ask people questions about things/information she needs for some post
    active 3 days, 7 hours ago

    sometimes i have questions i can’t find on google like ”where do i know that song in the first scene of glee from?” or ”who are some straight actresses with lesbian best friends” or ”i need an app that […]

    Public Group / 376 members
  • Group logo of DogStraddlers
    active 3 days, 8 hours ago

    For those of us who prefer a more blindly adoring companion.

    Public Group / 116 members
  • Group logo of Cannaqueers & Homoganjas
    active 3 days, 8 hours ago

    A group for all you Cannaqueers, Homoganjas, and anything between out there to talk about cannabis, equipment, activism/meet-ups, recipes, how it helped you realize you are queer/LGBTQ, and/or any other things on […]

    Public Group / 29 members
  • Group logo of um. uh. wait. ok. wait. what was the question? ok. um. yeah. wait. what?
    active 3 days, 8 hours ago

    being a human is awkward. we can talk about that here. or just sit around and stare at each other.

    Public Group / 298 members
  • Group logo of Grad School Straddlers
    active 3 days, 8 hours ago

    People who made the poor, masochistic and otherwise wonderful decision that 4 years of higher education just wasn’t enough.

    Public Group / 325 members
  • Group logo of Lesbrarians
    active 3 days, 11 hours ago

    inclusive of (but not limited to) lesbian librarians, bisexual bibliographers, transgender taxonomy specialists, intersex information mavens, & queer archivists #sexynerds

    Public Group / 99 members
  • Group logo of We Straddle Ukrainian Girls
    active 3 days, 15 hours ago

    For everyone who is Ukrainian, or can at least acknowledge that we’re the best looking populace! (Seriously, how not every Ukrainian girl is a lesbian, I’ll never understand.)

    Public Group / 5 members
  • Group logo of Houston Ladies!
    active 4 days, 10 hours ago

    Anyone in Houston interested in meeting up? I know if you’re on Autostraddle you are awesome!

    Public Group / 51 members
  • Group logo of Auto-lanta
    active 5 days, 4 hours ago

    Atlanta, Georgia–who’s here and queer?!

    Public Group / 98 members
  • Group logo of Never had a girlfriend
    active 5 days, 8 hours ago

    For those of us who are too unloveable (let’s be real – shy) to ever have had a girlfriend.

    Public Group / 214 members
  • Group logo of pdx autostraddlers
    active 5 days, 9 hours ago

    Autostraddlers in Portland, Oregon.

    Public Group / 170 members
  • Group logo of Cartoons!
    active 5 days, 12 hours ago

    So I was just re-watching Animaniacs, realizing that Hello Nurse probably played a role in my developing queerness, and I got to thinking…I can’t be the only Autostraddler who loves cartoons! If you still […]

    Public Group / 34 members
  • Group logo of Winnipeg Straddlers
    active 6 days, 3 hours ago

    Winnipeg Autostraddlers and friends.

    Public Group / 25 members
  • Group logo of Vancouver Autostraddlers
    active 6 days, 10 hours ago

    Anyone from Vancouver? Vancouver, British Columbia that is!
    Or really anywhere in the Lower Mainland :)

    Public Group / 69 members
  • Group logo of \'Straddling by the Bay
    active 6 days, 11 hours ago

    Autostraddlers from the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Public Group / 279 members